High speed PTZ camera for all environments

Ottobrunn, Germany

Designed for easy camera specification, installation and system set-up, Bosch Security Systems' new MIC Series 500 Classic is a rugged, high speed pan-tilt-zoom camera suitable for large, outdoor multi-camera applications like city centres, housing estates and industrial zones.
This robust camera is the latest addition to the Bosch field-proven MIC Series camera range and more than a decade of operational expertise gained in some of the world’s most challenging surveillance conditions has contributed to its development.

Intended principally for multiple camera installations, the MIC Series 500 compact, unthreatening appearance enables it to be discreetly integrated into urban environments. With its IP68/NEMA4X environmental rating and robust, cast aluminum housing which makes the camera resistant to vandal and projectile attack, the MIC Series 500 is also well suited for use in difficult surveillance conditions that would defeat most typical CCTV cameras.

With full pan-tilt-zoom functionality, the MIC Series 500 rotates at speeds of up to 120 degrees per second to allow camera operators a full 360 degree view and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to incidents in the camera’s coverage area. It features a high resolution wide-dynamic range camera that copes easily with changing light conditions and offers a choice of 18x and 36x zoom options. Moreover, precision engineered resolver technology enables pinpoint camera accuracy and absolute positioning. A new product design feature allows the MIC Series 500 to be mounted upright, inverted or canted on-site without specialist tools and without compromising the camera’s IP rating. This “one type fits all” approach to camera selection enables simple project planning and installation flexibility.

System set-up is easy using the MIC Series 500’s powerful universal camera set-up software (Cam-set) which gives access to the camera’s advanced functionality including diagnostic tools, advanced configuration options and protocol programming. New functionality that allows camera settings to be copied and uploaded to multiple MIC Series cameras in one easy step makes customisation and configuration of large scale camera installations quick and easy. For single camera configuration the MIC Series 500 new user-friendly on-screen display which gives easy access to all the settings required to configure, commission and operate the camera.

Tested to the limit in the most rigorous quality and performance tests, the MIC Series 500 consistently excels at every stage. The camera comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty and advanced replacement guarantee.

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