HID launches Omnikey SE Reader Core

Austin, Tx (USA)

An eco system of use cases demonstrates the versatility of the new offering from HID.

HID has launched the Omnikey Reader Core,a newly reimagined reader core named as the successor to HID’s flagship Iclass SE Reader Module line – and hailed as today’s migration pathway for the company's existing partners and customers interested in taking intelligent access to the next level across their premises, and, it offers new clients seamless access to an expanding universe of use cases that require robust RFID-based authentication and verification.

This module is designed to drive more intelligence inside and out of smart access solutions to help organisations strengthen and broaden authentication and verification practices. The HID Omnikey SE Reader Core has been engineered to evolve physical and logical access across connected workspaces, healthcare environments, education, campuses, office buildings and beyond. It allows integrators to design next-level mobile functionality into devices for both physical and logical access.

Strengthens integration capabilities

The Omnikey SE Reader Core is built on the new Omnikey platform that consolidates and optimises HID’s desktop reader and reader module offerings to create a smarter, unified embedded and desktop product portfolio. It is mobile-ready by default, including Apple's Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to support credentials in Apple Wallet.

The Omnikey SE Reader Core strengthens integration capabilities, empowering customers and partners to build a wider range of authentication and verification solutions used within several use cases. By using a single, consolidated development system, organisations can now more easily create secure, convenient access experiences for users navigating through buildings and connected spaces – cultivating a seamless and holistic access experience.

In addition to the small size for easy integration, Omnikey SE Reader Core supports high and low frequency credentials including HID Mobile Access via Bluetooth Low Energy and Apple Wallet. It offers a full developer tool kit for simpler deployment and upgrades and optimised in-field firmware updates.

Proven technology

The Omnikey SE Reader Core is based on proven technology provided by the Omnikey Secure Element. It allows for easy migration from legacy hardware to the new generation of Omnikey embedded modules. It is compliant with the highest security standards and supports a broad range of credentials. Omnikey SE Reader Core acts as a key to the HID ecosystem of access, enabling contactless authentication for multiple use cases, including access control to elevators, turnstiles, EV charging stations, vending machines, smart lockers, and time and attendance tracking.


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