GJD Clarius offers operational advantages

Heywood, Greater Manchester (UK)

Clarius illuminators from GJD work in conjunction with any CCTV system to deliver high quality light throughout the day and night in order to provide effective clear image quality. 

Keith Fenwick, Director of GJD said “Clarius units integrate with all security day/night CCTV systems, making them a great choice for large and more modest security projects”.

Offering extensive cost savings and operational advantages, Clarius units could be an ideal choice of LED illuminators for industries across the world. Featuring the latest surface mount LED technology, enhanced optical output and reliability, Clarius illuminators provide piece of mind that the area you wish to monitor is fully protected and safety of people is significantly improved.

The extremely flexible design allows the user to accurately match the angle of illumination with the security system, making it suitable for both wide and narrow applications. It can also be mounted to walls, poles and many other applications.

The innovative product can withstand harsh weather conditions, proved by its IP67 Weather Proof Rating. It also boasts ultra-low maintenance, long life and is economical owing to low power consumption.


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