Fourth member of the Orca family of advanced digital imaging chipsets

Mountain View, California (USA)

Pixim Inc., a leading provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announce the fourth member of its award-winning Orca family of advanced digital imaging chipsets: the Pixim D1400, aimed specifically at mobile and embedded closed circuit television (CCTV) applications.

The new Pixim Orca chipset brings Pixim's award-winning image quality to environments that experience vibration, as well as embedded and hidden security situations where it is not possible or desirable to adjust camera settings. The uncomplicated "fix, focus, forget" operation of cameras using the cost-effective D1400 makes this new Orca chipset ideal for use in solid-state wide dynamic range (WDR) cameras for applications where moving parts, such as auto-iris lenses, would be impractical or cost-prohibitive.

"Mobile and other environments that experience vibration create a real challenge for makers of security cameras, because shaking breaks anything that moves mechanically, including DC Iris and other auto-iris lenses," said John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development for Pixim. "Pixim has the only WDR chip technology that does not require a DC Iris lens. With the D1400, camera makers can take advantage of our exceptional Pixim image quality even in solid-state camera designs with no moving parts."

The highly integrated Pixim D1400 is a two-chip video imaging solution, based on Pixim's innovative Digital Pixel System® (DPS) technology, that provides the image sensor, image processor and necessary intelligence to allow security camera designers to develop advanced-feature, high-quality, cost-effective color CCTV cameras.

Pixim's patented DPS technology, which marks a fundamental breakthrough in imaging technology, enables high-quality video images with ultra-wide dynamic range, so that details of a scene appear clear and accurately colored in both bright and dark areas, simultaneously.

The fully automatic operation of the Pixim D1400 chipset makes possible and convenient the best-quality video pictures in a variety of common applications, such as mobile environments, train bridges, hidden cameras and other embedded systems.

The D1400 provides up to 102 dB dynamic range in typical operation (120 dB max) while providing excellent resolution, sensitivity and color fidelity. The D1400 image sensor is available with either complementary (CMY) or primary (RGB) color filter array, so camera designers enjoy pin-compatible choice of either the highest sensitivity or the highest resolution.

The RGB and CMY digital image sensors and the video image processor that make up the D1400 chipset are manufactured using low-power, high-volume commercial CMOS processes. The resulting low power dissipation enables camera makers to create high-performance camera designs that consume less than 1.5 watts.

The D1400 includes configurable software that allows camera manufacturers to get to market quickly while offering a number of camera products that share a common base hardware design, including an option to select PAL/NTSC operation via either software or hardware (DIP switches or push buttons).

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