FLIR driver thermal vision system

Portland, Or (USA)

FLIR Systems has developed a lightweight driver's thermal vision system (DTVS) driver's camera designed to enhance driver safety and awareness through their thermal imaging technology.
The DTVS system was on display on vehicles from Hobson Industries and Ricardo at DVD 2012 held in Millbrook, United Kingdom earlier this week to facilitate user feedback as part of FLIR's research and product development programme. The DTVS cameras will undergo final user trials prior to a formal launch expected later this year.

The FLIR DTVS system for enhanced driver’s vision in vehicles comprises two thermal cameras; a front camera with a 55 degree view, and a rear camera with a 90 degree horizontal field of view. The thermal cameras are based on an uncooled, high definition infrared (IR) detector designed to deliver sharp imagery in any conditions, including dust, smoke, rain, light fog and complete darkness. The rugged system housing incorporates integrated window heaters to eliminate fog and ice build-up. Connected to a specially designed display, DTVS will provide hands-free operation with optimum image quality under historically difficult driving situations for the driver. Key camera features are easily controlled by the driver through large illuminated buttons on the display. Additionally, custom distance graphics, based on the needs of the user, are projected over the IR image on the display providing real-time feedback of the vehicles position for the driver.

“The Iraq and Afghan wars with the harsh driving conditions encountered and the requirement for 24/7 operations ushered in the need for driver vision enhancers (DVEs),” said Ulf Kapborg, Business Development Director Land Systems Europe FLIR Systems AB, Imaging, Sweden. “Until now, the cost of these systems has been prohibitive for an army to mount them on every vehicle, particularly lightweight 4x4 vehicles such as the Land Rover. We developed the DTVS by building on our military DVE systems through combining FLIR’s exceptional worldwide reputation and technology in being the largest supplier of thermal cameras to the automotive industry with our advanced defense thermal camera technology. The result is a DTVS platform which is not only affordable but easily retrofitted to existing vehicles with minimum engineering changes required. We see a huge market for this system worldwide in military, paramilitary, Police and Public Services organisations.”

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