First video analytics software to support Axis Corridor Format

Waterloo, Canada

Aimetis Corp., a specialist in intelligent IP video management software, has produced the first video management software to have analytics support for the Axis Communications' Axis Corridor Format.
Many surveillance environments are more “vertical” than “horizontal” in a variety of situations including store aisles/bays, hallways, stairwells, and corridors, for which the traditional video format is not suitable. Axis’ Corridor Format gives a vertically oriented, 9:16 video stream from the security camera, perfectly adapted to a narrow monitored area, which maximises image quality while eliminating typical bandwidth and storage waste of landscape formats. The Axis’ Corridor Format is a unique and innovative solution that maximises image quality while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste in a range of industry segments including education, retail, transportation, and office environments.

According to Marc Holtenhoff, CEO, Aimetis, “We are excited to lead the way in providing video analytics for Axis’ Corridor Format. By using Aimetis Symphony with Axis corridor view, analytics can be leveraged on a more optimal field of view, thus extending the distance analytics can be effective.”

Aimetis Symphony combines robust video management and video analytics in one unified software platform. By analysing video in real-time, organisations can achieve the desired business impact through timely and actionable information. Aimetis Symphony’s simple and straightforward licensing options offer maximum flexibility, ease of use, and a cost-effective entry point for the seamless migration to IP-Surveillance. All of this is backed by the industry’s best support.

“Retailers have very specific needs and goals when it comes to video surveillance, and the shift over to IP-based surveillance opens the door to more customised settings and additional applications for functionality benefits, such as Axis’ Corridor Format with Aimetis’ analytic support,” said Jackie Andersen, business development manager, Retail, Axis Communications Inc. “I’ve seen the eyes of LP managers light up when they see Corridor Format for the first time, and I can’t wait for them to experience the next phase of customised, more accurate analytics operating in 9:16 format.”

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