First Hikvision product ranges Secure by Default

Hangzhou, China

Hikvision UK & Ireland has unveiled the first of its product ranges to be self-certified under the pioneering Secure by Default initiative: a set of minimum requirements which provide a guarantee for users that network video security products are as secure as possible in their default settings out of the box.

Hikvision was a key contributor to the development of Secure by Default, alongside distributor Norbain, and four other major video surveillance software and manufacturing companies. Secure by Default was launched by UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) Tony Porter earlier this year.

In order to be certified, products submitted to the Secure by Default scheme must meet a set of 25 requirements prepared by the SCC Office. The requirements include addressing issues such as default passwords, hardcoded passwords, protocols and ports, encryption, ONVIF protocol, remote access, software patching and firmware upgrades.

The first in the Hikvision family of products to be certified under the Secure by Default requirements are those currently on sale and up to date with the latest firmware, and include anti-corrosion camera series v.5.6.0 firmware or above; ATEX camera series v.5.5.84 firmware or above; Deepinview 7 camera series v.5.6.0 firmware or above; Fisheye camera series v.5.5.73 firmware or above; Pro camera series 2.0+, 3.0 and 4.0 ranges v.5.6.0 firmware or above; Pan, tilt and zoom camera series v.5.6.0 firmware or above; Thermal camera series v.5.5.18 firmware or above and the Ultra camera 5 series v5.6.0 firmware or above.

Gary Harmer, UK & Ireland Sales Director for Hikvision, welcomed the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s approval of Hikvision’s submitted products. “Installers and integrators should, where possible, offer products that are certified to the Secure by Default requirement,” Harmer said. “This offers them, and their customers, an assurance that those products are provided to them in the most hardened, cyber-security-optimal form possible, with default settings which provide minimal vulnerabilities on first use.”

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