Dahua intelligent residential solution enables smart living

Hangzhou, China

The solution integrates a myriad of recognition technologies such as facial recognition, ANPR, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition etc., achieving touchless and efficient access control for both people and vehicles.

The rapid development of IoT, AI and mobile technology is greatly changing our work and lifestyle today. As these technologies are increasingly applied to commercial and residential buildings, smart living is no longer a fantasy. However, traditional residential solutions are usually operated by multiple independent systems, sometimes resulting in time-consuming management and an unpleasant living experience.

Dahua Technology is actively pursuing further development of this sector through intelligent residential solutions based on continuous exploration and in-depth understanding of customer needs. Focusing on the core concept of “technological innovation leads smart living”, the Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution, due to be officially launched later this month, aims to achieve smart security, smart living and smart property management by utilising a combination of cutting-edge technologies. While taking the living experience to a new level, it has been designed to create a win-win situation for residents, property management companies and real estate developers.

AI-enabled smart security

The Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution incorporates the company’s cutting-edge AI offerings, panoramic camera, fish-eye camera and other advanced equipment to provide targeted security monitoring for different scenes in residential areas. For perimeter areas that are vulnerable to intrusions and threats, an AI perimeter camera that features target classification and precise alarm functions can accurately detect unauthorised people and vehicles entering into restricted areas. Combined with an active deterrence function, it can effectively prevent incidents from happening. For vandalism and illegal activities in public areas, cameras equipped with AI functions support a variety of intelligent detections with real-time alarms that can assist property managers in quickly locating hidden dangers and abnormal incidents such as fire exit blockage, high-altitude throwing, illegal parking, etc. While providing multi-layer protection, the AI-powered solution can significantly improve management efficiency and promote a harmonious and orderly living environment.

Touchless and mobile smart living

In order to create a better user experience, the solution integrates a myriad of recognition technologies such as facial recognition, ANPR, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition etc., achieving touchless and efficient access control for both people and vehicles. It allows property owners to freely enter the lobby, parking lot and public facilities through flexible options in case they forgot to bring their key or access card. Additionally, it improves the security of areas where privacy is required. For instance, only owners and authorised visitors are allowed to enter the elevator and go to their desired floors. At the same time, visitors can make an appointment via the mobile app and scan the QR code shared by the owner to enter the lobby and parking lot instead of waiting for on-site registration, greatly increasing traffic efficiency in the area.

Moreover, the mobile app also supports visual communication, call transfer, real-time alarm, video monitoring, remote door opening, etc. Anywhere and anytime, owners are able to make video conversations with guests, or call security personnel for help, enjoying smart living with peace of mind.

Integrated, efficient and smart property management

The Dahua video intercom system provides an interconnected platform for property managers to simplify operations and improve management efficiency. In particular, it enables online management of multiple systems and one-click information publishing to optimise property services. Thanks to the early warning brought by remote AI monitoring, security personnel can respond to emergency situations in a timely manner without spending a lot of manpower and time, eliminating the need to review massive amount of videos during post-event investigation. Also, a license plate recognition camera integrated with video intercom deployed at the parking entrance requires no separate guard box. It assists remote and visual management of properties and improves the services and facilities offered in the residential community. In addition, this solution supports centralised and unified management of multiple communities, which greatly reduces labour costs and manpower.

To sum it up, the Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution offers improved overall efficiency of property management, brings high-quality living experience to residents, improves satisfaction of property owners, and empowers real estate developers with more business value and a high-tech concept. For system integrators, this powerful solution with an all-in-one design offers easy installation and simple deployment, allowing them to speed up their project completion.


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