Elmdene to debut additions to Vision PSU range at Intersec Dubai Show

Portsmouth, Hampshire

Elmdene International Limited, a subsidiary of Potter Electrical Signal LLC, will be using Intersec 2012 in Dubai to debut its Vision range of PSUs (Power Supply Units) for CCTV applications, including energy efficient switch mode models, as well as unveiling infra-red exit devices to support access control in clean environments and a range of UL/FM approved fire equipment from Potter.
Elmdene's new energy efficient switch mode power supply additions to the popular Vision range are the low profile VRS126000-8 and -16 and the encapsulated VRS123500-EB, all of which will be on-stand during Intersec 2012. These are designed to deliver regulated 12Vdc outputs with a universal mains supply voltage. The new models, and others in the Vision range have been created to cope with the rigours of CCTV applications. Alongside the latest 12V units, Elmdene is also offering a wide range of 24V variants.

The expansion by Elmdene of the Vision range through the addition of switch mode power models underlines the growing demand the company is experiencing for this type of technology. Over the past year Elmdene has seen an impressive customer conversion rate of 75 per cent from linear to switch mode power. Part of this trend can be attributed to the operational savings which switch mode is able to deliver based on efficiency levels of 80-87% compared to 50-55% for a more traditional linear approach.

Another highlight of Intersec 2012 for Elmdene will be the Amseco infra-red exit devices for access control. The aesthetically pleasing buttons are made from durable stainless steel. Ideally suited to meet the stringent requirements of clean environments such as hospitals, labs and engineering facilities, the buttons allow doors to be opened and closed without being touched minimising the transfer of infections, dust and dirt.

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