Duox 2 wire smart digital video entry system

Valencia, Spain

New Duox system from Fermax aims to change the door entry market

Fermax Duox monitor

Fermax is launching the Duox, a two-wire video door entry system that is fully digital. Marketed as a world first, the company believes this is a pioneering technological milestone worldwide that is set to revolutionise the sector.

Duox has been designed with ease of installation in mind. Technically it is engineered to provide more quality, greater capacity and better flexibility. And, according to Fermax, from the commercial standpoint, it creates a paradigm shift: it means that purchasing decisions are no longer made by the residents' community, but to each individual owner. Duox is potentially capable of opening up a new era for those involved in the video door entry business.

The Duox solution means that owners wishing to install a video entry system in their homes will be able to do so without forcing their neighbours in the same block who prefer to rely on audio alone, to spend any money. The philosophy is that each user chooses the model they like and with the extras they prefer. They can also change their requirements whenever they want without having to ask the other residents for permission.

The new Duox, smart system from Fermax runs on two non-polarised wires and needs no additional elements: neither distributors, nor splitters, nor switchers. This means that the common installation, is surprisingly simple and will be exactly the same for audio or video door entry systems, because Fermax has opted to market all the Duox panels with a colour TV camera as standard issue and at no extra cost compared to the audio versions; creating video at audio prices. The company's commitment to the new system is strong, because they are determined to extend the great advantages of total digitisation.

Basically, the Duox system transfers all the information generated at the outdoor panel (audio, video and data) into digital data packets which are subsequently decoded by the home terminal, whether audio or video. On paper it is the same principle whereby IP-based protocols are being installed in the most expensive and sophisticated buildings worldwide. But whereas that equipment is designed for new buildings and special wiring, Duox works using the existing wiring in a building, whatever the section. Even the old style bell wire. Of course, this system provides more limited benefits than high-end systems, but the differences in comparison with the traditional analogue systems are convincing.

The first practical advantage is that it provides great audio and video quality: image and sound, now converted into packets of zeros and ones, no longer suffer interference in their journey through the cables. Another substantial improvement is the simplicity of the system, both in terms of installation (as only two wires are needed, thereby avoiding potential errors) and programming (the equipment has a voice-guided start-up system).

And finally, the system is highly flexible;  Duox allows you to meet very different needs within the same project, even at different times. Any owner can change their own installation without affecting the rest of the building's residents.

Fermax ascertains that all this creates a new scenario for all parties involved in the marketing and installation of this kind of equipment. First of all, because Duox will lead to exponential growth in the number of video terminals installed. And, looking to the future, because the digital system will enable enhanced loyalty in these new customers. There will be homes that will require extensions, additional functionalities and even new applications that will complete a growing system with the Fermax portfolio.


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