Dedicated Micros releases new range of HighVu Excel

Hückelhoven, Germany

HighVu Excel has been created to deliver impressive real time, high resolution D1/4CIF resolution capture, recording and playback, of up to 1024 cameras in a single seamless configuration, viewed simultaneously across 48 monitors. This makes it suitable for high end retail, banking, gaming and large scale multiple site and public space surveillance.

Crucially, HighVu Excel is a fully embedded system which operates within the NetVu connected environment. High definition image capture offers the capability to continually record and playback in real time on all channels - including from DM's CamVu 2000 megapixel IP cameras - with lip-synced audio input available on each camera and no loss of performance unlike some Windows and Linux-based solutions. This makes it particularly suited for applications where a high level of image detail is required to identify suspects.

Other key features of HighVu Excel include: composite and high definition digital output up to WXGA resolution to a main monitor or large scale video wall; the ability to operate like a digital matrix so any camera can be displayed on any monitor; MultiMode recording, which provides dynamic switching from MPEG4 to JPEG on demand to optimise disk space; the ability to mix JPEG and MPEG4 video streams, including megapixel recordings and display them simultaneously across all monitors and the potential to integrate with point of sale (POS), ATM, access control and building management systems.

"HighVu Excel offers capabilities unparalleled by competing systems at the enterprise level, in particular we are confident that its ability to continuously record multiple video streams, whether they are analogue, IP or megapixel IP and play them back seamlessly with no loss of performance is truly ground breaking and offers a real alternative to competitor systems which have already reached their performance limitations" says Pauline Norstrom, worldwide head of marketing, Dedicated Micros.

"The scalable HighVu Excel is ideal for central control room solutions with a large number of cameras such as a shopping centre and, crucially, for end-users, including casinos, where real-time, high quality image capture, embedded analytics, substantial storage capacities and lip-synched audio on cameras is invaluable" Pauline concludes.

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