Dallmeier releases new AI H.265 Fisheye camera

Regensburg, Germany

The latest model in the Dallmeier 5000 camera series offers powerful, AI-based object classification at the camera level. The MDF5450HD-DN also excels with reduced data rates thanks to H.265 at a resolution of 2880 x 2880 (8 MP). ONVIF support enables integration in third party VMS systems.

The ultra-compact sensor housing allows the fisheye camera to be installed even in the very smallest spaces. Compared with conventional models, Dallmeier's newest camera offers important advantages in terms of discretion, space requirements and flexibility due to a separate housing for the encoder and the sensor.

High video image resolution typically requires large bandwidths and large amounts of memory capacity. The new generation H.265 encoder reduces data rate by as much as 50% compared with H.264 while retaining the same resolution and image quality. When combined with Dallmeier recording systems, it also enables substantial reduction of network and storage usage.

The camera is equipped with encoder technology in which integrated neural networks are instrumental in producing significantly higher quality object classification. A short teaching phase is sufficient to enable even more effective use of automated video analysis functions, such as lossless and multiple auto tracking.

The camera's ONVIF conformance (Profile S) enables it to be integrated seamlessly in third party systems. This standard ensures seamless processing of the video material even when it is managed by third party software. This means that users are not tied to vendor-specific solutions, but instead reap the advantages of a system which is adapted individually to their specific requirements.

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