Dahua new kits adds home safety

Hangzhou, China

Homes are supposed to be safe, but unfortunately, that is not always the case, a fact that we are reminded of in the news from time to time. The question is often asked why do these tragedies have to happen and is there anything we can do to prevent them. In reply, Dahua is now launching a series of newly alarm kits designed to address some of these issues.

Dahua’s new alarm kits, DHI-ART-ARC5402A-GW-06-A35 and DHI-ART-ARC5402A-GW-10-A35-C35 are designed to provide solid protection for families. The following are some of their feature highlights.

Based on the radio frequency of 433/868/915MHz, Airfly is a private wireless communication technology from Dahua, a two-way communication that is safer than one-way communication, offering 128-bit AES fully encrypted wireless communication with dynamic key.

A Dahua 4.3 inch TFT screen (480*272 resolution) provides convenience of installation and ease of control.  And, the ARC5402A-GW, the video alarm control panel, is the “brain” to Dahua’s alarm system, that boasts functions such as alarm information collection, alarm output and linkage control, PSTN alarm reporting, alarm SMS, audio message, IPC surveillance, video recording and playback.

In addition, the whole system supports up to 32 wireless zones, 2 wired zones, 8 remote controls, 4 wireless sirens, 1 wired siren and 1 wired PGM output; Wifi (IEEE 802.11) , PSTN, GSM and TCP/IP;RFID reader (that allows the user to arm or disarm without a password) and the backup battery (3.7V/1900mAh, Li-ion).

Combined together, the Dahua alarm system offers a stable system with low energy consumption, sending the user any indication of threat in time and providing a full range of options to respond.

In a retail application the premises may be filled with many goods and people, and so the Dahua alarm system can push alarm messages onto the user's smart phone. They can also access video through an App—DMSS. If the solution is applied at a villa for example, then wireless door/window contacts and PIRs to detect intrusion and threats from outside can be installed. A detached villa generally means that if there is an emergency then it may take responders some time to arrive, and often the villa occupies a huge space, sometimes disproportionate to the number of people living inside. In this case the Dahua wireless alarm system offers both flexibility and high efficiency during installation and when in operation. The solution is also ideal for apartments which might be unoccupied from time to time, or premises that are only used for vacations. 

Dahua’s new alarm system is designed to enhance home safety by alerting home owners of abnormal events and providing a visual verification means. Airfly encrypted 2-way wireless communication technology allows this system to be conveniently installed anywhere.


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