Dahua showcases Machine Vision expertise at Vision Stuttgart

Hangzhou, China

Dahua Technology has been exhibiting its full line of machine vision products at Vision Stuttgart, a leading trade fair for machine vision at the beginning of November in the Messe Stuttgart venue. With the -vision “Turning Vision into Productivity”, Dahua Technology highlighted the company’s deep expertise and its roadmap for the future.

Nowadays, manufacturing is evolving towards automation, but the key for productivity improvement lies in vision technologies like image capture, analysis and pattern recognition. Underscoring the vision of “Turning Vision into Productivity”, Dahua Technology showcased a portfolio of varied industrial cameras, including large area scan cameras, area scan cameras, line scan cameras, smart cameras, code reading cameras, 3D measurement cameras, industrial lenses and train OCR solution.

The high-accuracy 3D camera is designed equipped with laser technology; it can measure features with an accuracy of 20μm, and can be widely used in demanding data collection applications such as extremely small parts or PCR.  The high-speed code reading system combines intelligent cameras and code readers; the system is capable of precisely reading codes at a high speed and can be widely applied in logistics, storage and tracing parcels on vehicles.

The MZR camera, featuring an A75000PG polarised chip, is capable of detecting uneven surfaces, and is very useful in applications like examining the evenness of acrylic surfaces for example. And, the 12MP XGS camera is a visual detection device that replaces humans, greatly enhancing automation and productivity, in applications such as production, assembly and packaging, etc.

The 3D measurement camera, is also equipped with a laser, and is capable of large volume measuring at an accuracy of 5mm,  ideal for the wide volume measurements in the fields of logistics and parcels.

Offering a line sweep rate of up to 140K to ensure accurate large image detection even at a high speed, the 16K/4K resolution line scan camera can be widely used in train OCR, printing quality control and other areas. Dahua Technology’s self-developed deep-learning algorithms enhance its performance in high accuracy detection of GEVI, UIC, container number and carriage numbers.

Dahua also demonstrated the 50MP CXP large area scan camera that offers ultra-high resolution at 30 frames per second; it is suitable for applications such as LCD screen detection, PCB inspection, and railway inspection.

In addition to these products, Dahua Technology also presented its multi-functional integrated solution for manufacturing, which includes small area cameras with a visual controller for pattern matching, the X86 smart camera SI5500MG000 for OCR character recognition, the Movidius smart camera S5051MG00 for liquid level detection, and the 1.3 mega pixel code reader R5131MG000.


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