New solution helps enhance retail safety during epidemic

Hangzhou, China

Enabled by AI, the Retail Epidemic Safety Solution is designed to provide double value for retailers, assisting in slowing the spread of the virus while creating a safe in-store shopping experience for customers.

Facing the COVID-19 outbreak, like many others, supermarkets and stores have adopted safety protocols to comply with government directives, including hand sanitiser stations, customer and staff temperature monitoring, reduced capacity limits, contactless customer service and payments, etc., in order to keep their customers and staff as safe as possible. In response, Dahua Technology has launched a professional Retail Epidemic Safety Protection Solution to help retailers maintain safe operations and improve business efficiency during the pandemic, as well as providing upgraded plans to increase ROI after business resumption.

Featuring thermal body temperature monitoring and customer flow control, the Dahua Retail Epidemic Safety Protection Solution combines two technological advantages enabled by AI to provide double value for retailers, assisting in slowing the spread of the virus while creating a safe in-store shopping experience for customers.

The Dahua thermal body temperature monitoring camera allows for effective body temperature monitoring of ±0.3℃ (with blackbody). Utilising a built-in AI algorithm, it can simultaneously monitor a group of people from a distance of up to 3-metres, enabling fast and non-contact access. When installed at the entrances of supermarkets and shopping malls, it can help retailers with preliminary screening of employees and customers with abnormal body temperature. It notifies users to take corresponding measures before the temperatures change significantly, thereby enabling the appropriate protocol and conducting a second verification by medical professionals if necessary.

Customer flow

For retailers who require limited customer flow during the pandemic, the Dahua AI-empowered people counting camera can automatically and accurately calculate the real-time number of people entering the store, avoiding congestion and helping to mitigate the spread of the disease. When the number of shoppers exceeds the set value, the device will alarm and will display on the digital signage at the entrance of the store that the maximum number of people allowed inside has been reached, reminding customers to wait at the door. No extra employees are needed to count customers manually at the door, which can help retailers reduce labour costs and improve their management efficiency.

Moreover, the Dahua DSS software integrates all information and functions into one system, creating a visualised central platform for retailers to manage their stores, staff, and customers more efficiently.

Intelligent analysis to boost business

This cost-effective solution offers multiple functions and long-term usage for retailers. In addition to basic monitoring features, it can also help retailers create business value after the pandemic. Intelligent business analysis functions mean that it can help retailers understand their customers better and adjust business strategies based on statistics such as customer profiles and preferences, traffic flow during peak hours, the impact of weather and temperature on customer flow, etc., thus increasing the store’s appeal to its customers.

The Dahua Retail Epidemic Safety Protection Solution provides retailers with a long-term and effective solution that can help secure operations during the pandemic and subsequent recovery. Combining many of the aforementioned functions, this solution is suitable for a wide range of retailers, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, casinos, pharmacies, etc.


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