Cyber Energia brings important AI defences for energy companies

London, UK

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Grid technology and advanced operating procedures have revolutionised how renewable energy firms deliver cleaner, sustainable electric power. At the same time, this has exposed firms to greater potential security breaches.  Against this background of increasing concern around cyber security threats within the energy sector, Cyber Energia launches what is believed to be a world-first solution to protect renewables companies and their assets.

Cyber Energia’s unique system and portal continuously collects security information across all topologies including all devices and systems on the network; how they communicate with each other; as well as identifying gaps in safeguarding.

Most importantly, the portal provides real-time visualisation of attacks as they are happening, the threat level; revenue at risk; number and type of breaches prevented; and remedial recommendations. Additionally, Cyber Energia can provide guidance as to how employees and processes can help address governance, management succession and product development in relation to cyber security.

“To provide an indication of the serious exposure UK renewable firms are facing due to cyber threats, our analysis shows that in the wind sector alone, only 1% out of around 10,000 sites has some sort of cyber solution”, said Jonathan Navon, partner, CFP Energy. “With both sustainable and national energy security at the top of many governments’ agenda, this security issue needs to be addressed with some urgency”.

In 2020, renewables comprised 29% of global electricity generation and by 2028, with a further 3,700 GW of new renewable capacity due to come online, it will account for over 42% of the world’s electric power, according to the IEA Renewables Energy Report. With almost half of the world’s electricity source susceptible to cyber attack from hostile actors, defence against system violations have never been so mission critical. Cyber Energia’s analysis indicates that there are as many as 880 million cyber risks across the renewables sector, with over 300 attempted security breaches at any one moment and up to 1,000 attacks per day.

“As domain experts in renewable energy operations, we have built our renewables ‘security by design’ cyber protection approach to seamlessly integrate with both new and legacy operations,” said Rafael Narezzi Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Energia. “Despite being such a young company, we already have over 400 sites in the sales pipeline, which is testament to the need for renewables-specific security.”

Consequences of shut-downs caused by cyber attack can range from significant inconvenience to devastating operational impact. Such attacks can result in loss of production and revenue; damage to assets and infrastructure; leakage of sensitive commercial information; health and safety risks as well as reputational damage.

In the immediate term, however, renewable energy firms which are not sufficiently protected against cyber breaches are increasingly at risk of financial penalties from legislation.

Organisations providing essential services in the European Union (EU) will soon face tougher cyber security regulation (NIS2.0) for failure for non-compliance, with punitive actions including higher fines, bans on management positions and even a withdrawal of the company’s license to operate.


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