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Coventry, UK

MEL Secure Systems, a developer of CCTV surveillance and security solutions, has launched a new Covert Operation Camera Kit. This wireless solution utilises COFDM H.264 and UHF telemetry transmission to deliver significantly improved picture quality.

The kit includes mini and standard prism cameras that can be easily concealed for both indoor and outdoor operations. They can be mounted either on top or on the side of lamp posts to reduce street clutter and avoid alerting people that CCTV is in operation. Both cameras offer full PTZ functionality and 360°vision with continuous rotation and 60° camera tilt. They also feature up to 36x optical and 10x digital zoom using a Sony day/night camera module with image stabilisation to provide evidential quality pictures at maximum zoom.

COFDM H.264 transmission ensures low end-to-end latency faster than IP-based systems, making it easier for operators to follow specific events with a PTZ joystick. The kit also includes a battery operated hand-held controller and control case with LCD monitor and integrated 160 Gb HDVR that can receive high quality, interference free images from up to four cameras at distances of up to 4km without requiring line of sight.

The COFDM H.264-based Covert Operation Camera Kit uses ultra-narrowband to provide exceptional range and video quality in high multipath environments regardless of line of sight as well as enabling users to co-locate more channels in the increasingly crowded RF spectrum. It is available in a wide range of frequencies including 1.0 MHz ultra-narrowband, 1.3, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz as well as 300-400 MHz UHF. MEL also offers a 3G option enabling the cameras to be monitored or images downloaded from any computer with internet access or mobile phone.

According to Peter Druzyc, managing director of MEL Secure Systems: "Our new Covert Operation Camera Kit is one of the first of a new generation of high quality and resilient CCTV systems that will deliver evidential quality pictures in any environment. It will play a major role in reducing crime and increasing public safety in a wide range of applications."

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