Cost-effective line of fiber optic transmission

Danbury, CT (USA)

ComNet is introducing the ValueLine to satisfy the demand for a cost-effective line of fiber optic and Ethernet transmission products.

The line consists of digitally encoded fiber optic video multiplexers, serial data products, Ethernet media converters and a new Ethernet over coaxial cable (VDSL) product. ComNet products including the ValueLine are designed and manufactured in United States and have been released for sale.

"This new product line offers very good performance and the pricing is some of the most competitive ever introduced to the market," states Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet President and COO. "Our unique designs and USA-based manufacturing allows us to gain a very competitive cost advantage and that translates to ComNet being able to offer the significant cost savings ValueLine brings to the market", said Acquarulo.

"Introducing the ComNet lower cost product offering under the ValueLine brand makes sense from a product positioning perspective", commented Frank Haight, ComNet Vice President of Marketing.

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