Chiron Iris Connect app

Zug, Switzerland

Chiron has launched the new Iris Connect app.

With smartphones and tablets having become mainstream products Chiron considered that these devices were ideal substitutes on the Iris Connect for the renowned touch screen introduced in 2008.

With the use of the new app and the Iris Connect’s built-in Wifi technology, the installer can programme and commission the residential AoIP dialler in a 3-minute time span. The menu structure of the app is identical to that of the Iris Touch and it is multilingual. This makes for familiarity and a complete ease of programming and commissioning. Simply associate the Iris Connect with a smartphone or tablet and utilise the device touchscreen for configuring the AoIP dialler wirelessly.

Android users can download the Iris Connect app from the Google Play store and Windows users find the equivalent in the Windows store. IOS users do not need to download an app. They can simply use Safari, the built-in web browser.

Chiron’s CEO, Willem L. Harthoorn, comments:“The release of the Iris connect app will expedite the residential AoIP market penetration of the Iris Connect Solo and Duo.

In residential installations time is money for the installer. By using the Wifi 3G technology, the new programming app and of course the overall simplicity and versatility of the Iris Connect product, the installer saves 60% on installation time compared to other products."


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