Businesses can work smarter with web based access control

London, UK

Assa Abloy sees the future of access control with the Smartair TS1000Web controller

According to Assa Abloy, change is coming to the way businesses manage access. While the modern world demands more flexibility, mobility, cost-efficiency and speed, most common static access management solutions provide the opposite.

How far from their PC can facilities managers usually work on a day-to-day basis? Security or safety issues often demand a fast response. As a result, facilities managers may be tied to their office or site.It can restrict their mobility and efficiency — and makes hybrid or flexible working impossible.

Assa Abloy believes that this is a missed opportunity for businesses. Flexible working can help control costs, by reducing office space rental needs. It is also popular with employees. In a survey by consultants McKinsey & Company, 63% of employees preferred a hybrid or fully remote work schedule.

Static access management based around a network of dedicated admin PCs also costs more: Software must be installed, maintained and eventually updated on each PC, one by one. For any large or multi-site organization, this supposedly simple task quickly becomes expensive and time-consuming.

“There is a better way to manage access,” says Mikel Gaztañaga, Smartair Sales Director at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions. “Changing how you filter the flow of people helps facilities teams respond faster and get more done.”

“This is why we created TS1000 Web for Smartair: it offers simpler, faster, more flexible control of an entire Smartair access system, including wireless locks for multiple types of opening and a wide choice of credentials.”

Smartair TS1000 Web is designed for easy installation and maintenance.  TS1000 Web provides full remote control of a Smartair system via secure web login. Facilities managers and security administrators no longer need to stay at their desk or wait beside the admin PC. Wherever they are, day or night, this Web manager for Smartair access control systems keeps them in control of the premises. It simplifies secure, round-the-clock access management.

Getting started with TS1000 Web is simple. There is no local software to install and no laborious PC-by-PC upgrading. Software is installed just once: on the server. From any login point, TS1000 Web connects securely to the system database. A device with a web browser and a URL is all that’s needed. Processing, analysing and updating data is faster than with conventional client-based software. From the TS1000 Web interface, a security team can cancel any credential, at any time, or update access rights over the air. Full remote control gives facilities managers the power to unlock any door remotely, respond to alerts faster or even initiate a global lockdown in an emergency.

“From a train, airport departure lounge or off-site co-working office, they can examine audit trails or re-set access rights calendars,” adds Gaztañaga. “Security managers — and the organisations they work for — reap the efficiency benefits of dynamic, flexible access management.”


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