Bosch enhances video based fire detection with AI

Grasbrunn, Germany

According to tests carried out by Bosch, the Aviotec 8000i IR camera achieves on average 3x faster detection times compared to current aspirating smoke detectors. Image courtesy of Bosch

Bosch Building Technologies introduces an innovative advancement in fire safety with the Aviotec 8000i IR camera. This new version of its video-based fire detection solution promises to revolutionise fire protection in challenging environments, such as in manufacturing, where hazardous materials that carry high fire loads are stored outdoors, in semi-open spaces, in solar plants or electric car charging stations where wind makes it difficult to detect smoke.

The Aviotec 8000i IR camera achieves on average 3x faster detection times compared to current aspirating smoke detectors – significantly improving speed. This is according to the company's own EN54 Firetests at the Bosch Fire lab in June 2023. Within its specifications the enhanced AI algorithms also allow for greater reliability and accuracy in distinguishing real fire situations from false alarms. The alarm, based on an actual fire, or trouble signals, can be transmitted to a local network, or by two relays, also to the central fire panel. Trouble signals could for example result from a tilted camera, a blocked lens or a power failure.

24/7 fire protection with integrated infrared (IR) illuminator

The new camera further increases fire safety by providing fire protection 24/7 thanks to its integrated infrared (IR) illuminator. Within its specifications it ensures the camera is fully operational even in total darkness (at 0 Lux), reliably detecting smoke and flames with pure infrared illumination. No additional lighting is required, not even any emergency lighting, making it easier and more cost-effective for specifiers and installers to use the camera.

Simplified installation

Installation of the camera is further simplified by the fact that it is a one-product solution, meaning that no accessories are required. The rugged IP 67 (waterproof) housing, IR-illuminator, new 4-megapixel sensor and motorized lens are all integrated into one unit. In addition, Aviotec´s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need to install power cables.

Enhancing fire safety in varied environments

The new features of the Aviotec 8000i IR camera open up a range of new applications, improving fire safety in particularly challenging environments such as manufacturing, where hazardous materials stored outdoors can easily ignite. Irrespectively of the weather and lighting conditions, Aviotec’s flame and smoke detection can help to prevent fires from spreading into buildings by detecting fires in open spaces directly at the source, without the need for smoke to reach a fire detector installed indoors, such as on a warehouse ceiling.

Transport applications

Another area where the new Aviotec camera helps to improve fire safety is in train, metro, and bus stations where brakes or electricity can be a source of fire that takes standard fire alarms too long to detect. Aviotec also helps improve fire safety in electric car charging stations where batteries can catch fire. Charging stations are often located in half-open parking garages or outdoors where the wind can blow smoke in different directions. The highly sensitive AI algorithms with deep learning technology of the Aviotec 8000i IR camera help to detect smoke in windy conditions.

"The new Aviotec 8000i IR is the result of more than a decade of expertise in video-based fire detection. Thousands of Aviotec cameras operating in 72 countries reflect our customers´ trust in this proven technology", says Patrizia Bogers, Global Business Development Manager Aviotec.


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