Bosch add Dinion 1080p day/night IP security camera to HD series

Munich, Germany

Bosch is releasing the Dinion HD 1080p day/night IP camera, the latest addition to the Bosch high definition (HD) portfolio.
The high quality security camera achieves top class performance, combining full HD resolution images with excellent low light operation and colour reproduction.

The Dinion HD 1080p day/night IP security camera delivers uncompromising vision even in busy, colourful scenes. 1080p is equivalent to 2 megapixels, conforming to the HD standard. The entire advanced image pipeline, from lens to image processing, ensures images stay sharp throughout the scene. This allows reliable identification of faces, objects and alphanumeric information over a wide area. Operators can zoom in to any part of a scene to examine specific details without losing clarity.

A specially selected image sensor enables superior detection and analysis. Images are exceptionally clear, making it easier to identify items, while different colour tones can be distinguished even in poor lighting.

Spotting alarm situations is easy and very dependable. Built-in Bosch HD-optimised IVA (intelligent video analysis) flags any events on-screen so that operators never miss suspicious activities. IVA captures comprehensive details of scenes which can be stored for later review using Bosch forensic search.

The Dinion HD 1080p day/night IP security camera features a new, next-generation camera design. Constructed with careful attention to detail, the camera has a professional look and feel and features an extended operating temperature range, making it ideal for hot or cold climates.

Installation and setup is very simple. The camera starts up quickly and has a user-friendly control interface. The motorised auto-back-focus makes it easy to get the sharpest image the first time. Power over Ethernet means no additional power supplies are needed and the camera is extremely energy efficient, consuming just 3.5 watt.

The Dinion HD 1080p day/night IP camera is ideal for a wide range of applications, especially those involving complex, colourful or low light scenes, including city surveillance and safety, arenas, airports, finance and banking, and casinos.

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