Axis unveils comprehensive range of IR-enabled cameras

Lund, Sweden

Axis M3058-PLVE, a single-sensor panoramic camera, is one of the new IR-enable cameras from Axis

Last week in Las Vegas, Axis Communications unveiled several new network cameras featuring its IR functionality. Together, these new cameras bring IR capability to almost any surveillance environment and answer an increased market demand.

Infrared (IR) illumination provides a highly-effective enhancement for video surveillance in complete darkness.  The new Axis series includes pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome cameras, bullet, fisheye and panoramic cameras, and discreet sensors units.

IR’s ability to allow cameras to literally ‘see in the dark’ is an obvious additional benefit to video surveillance for a number of reasons, from allowing 24/7 surveillance without the need for additional lighting, to enabling ultra-discreet surveillance in sensitive locations. By launching several new cameras which feature built-in IR illumination, Axis is delivering the benefits of IR in the most cost-efficient, easily installed way to almost any indoor or external surveillance need. In addition, Axis Optimized IR technology, featured in some of the new models, is the company’s own smart, power-efficient and patented IR LED technology. It optimally uses the light to enable an even illumination over the complete camera view.

Peter Rietz, Director, Product Management at Axis Communications, commented: “It is always our intention to develop cameras that offer maximum value to our customers. Being able to integrate Optimized IR in a broader range of our network cameras and a variety of form factors means that customers have more ability than ever before to reap the benefits of IR. Indeed, we can see IR capabilities as a more and more required feature in the future.”


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