Axis launches parking violation detection

Lund, Sweden

Axis Communications is launching a parking violation solution to detect unauthorised or illegal parking on cities streets or private parking facilities. This high-scalable and affordable solution can be set up to cover a full avenue using multiple cameras to cover individual traffic lanes for distances up to 100m (109 yards) each.

Axis Parking Violation Detection can automatically detect parking violations and sends an alert anytime a potential violation is detected.

This allows police officers or enforcement agents to quickly take action to resolve the situation for instance by removing a vehicle or issuing a fine. Thanks to on-image overlays, it’s easy to identify and confirm whether a violation has occurred. Plus, with PTZ functionality, the operator can zoom in to visually verify the infringement and capture the details if necessary.

In addition, privacy masking lets you select areas of a scene, such as private facilities, to be blocked from viewing and recording.

This affordable and scalable solution includes key features such as reliable and efficient detection of parking violations, optimal resources allocation and instant response enabled by smart technology.

The products remain cost effective due to support for edge analytics which significantly improves data processing time and results in a more flexible system. Furthermore, Axis Zipstream technology lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by 50% or more.

Axis Parking Violation Detection is being launched in southern Europe.


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