Axis launches megapixel day and night network camera


Axis Communications launches the AXIS 223M Network Camera, a 2 megapixel camera designed to provide exceptional image detail in demanding day and night surveillance applications.

The AXIS 223M delivers more than four times better resolution than a high-resolution analogue camera. It uses a 2.0 megapixel progressive scan CCD sensor, a high quality megapixel varifocal lens and advanced image processing to deliver digital images of moving objects. It has day/night functionality with an automatically removable infrared (IR) cut filter. This enables the camera to deliver colour video in high and low light conditions, and IR-sensitive, black and white video at night.

Other features include video motion detection, which reduces bandwidth usage and storage requirements; two-way audio support, including audio detection alarm; and Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), which lowers installation costs by eliminating the need for a power outlet and enables the power source to be consolidated to a central location.

Network security features on the AXIS 223M include support for IEEE802.1X, which allows the camera to connect to a network secured with port-based authentication, and HTTPS encryption, which provides a secure channel between the camera and application, and enables authentication of the video source. The camera supports IPv6 in addition to the standard IP protocol version 4 eliminating the issue of a growing shortage of IPv4 addresses.

The AXIS 223M is supported by the industry's largest base of application software through the Axis Application Development Partner program, as well as the AXIS Camera Station video management software.

Steve Gorski, managing director, Axis Communications (UK) commented:
"The new AXIS 223M Network Camera really delivers in highly secure environments where close-up detail is crucial. It offers a high specification and functionality to really challenge high-end CCTV cameras."

Johan Lembre, vice president, product management, Axis Communications comments:
"The AXIS 223M's high resolution enables users to see fine details close-up or view a large area. This capability is highly demanded in mission-critical surveillance scenarios. The network camera surpasses analogue camera solutions in video quality and functionalities. The advancement Axis is making in network cameras will further drive the shift from analogue solutions toward IP-Surveillance."

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