Axis adds connectivity hub

Lund, Sweden

Axis Communications is launching the Axis D3110 Connectivity Hub for secure integration of sensors and audio equipment into network systems. With a microphone, a speaker, or both connected, this cost-efficient device offers help with increased scene awareness through high-quality audio.

The product can be integrated with a broad range of non-visual sensors to trigger alarms and events in the system. Supporting audio recording, streaming, and audio analytics, it is ideal for systems that don’t have such capabilities or require additional—enabling different use cases in crime prevention, protection, and forensics. And, with the latest Axis Camera Application Platform (version 4) supported by the device, it’s possible to run additional customised applications, including in containerised environments.

Key features include facilities such as eight supervised configurable I/Os, two audio-in ports, one audio-out port, Vapix, MQTT, SIP integration, ACAP and container support and also  built-in cyber security features.

Offered as a complement to an Axis end-to-end solution, the connectivity hub supports Vapix, MQTT, and SIP for secure and seamless integration. Furthermore, built-in Axis cyber security functionality prevents unauthorised access and safeguards the system. For instance, Axis Edge Vault protects the Axis device ID and simplifies authorisation of Axis devices on the network.


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