Ava launches single camera LPR solution

London, UK

Ava Security, a unified service provider of cybersecurity and video security, has launched a license plate recognition (LPR) solution as part of its Ava Aware cloud-based AI data platform. The new capabilities operate in the cloud and are able to work with a wide variety of third-party and Ava cameras. Most LPR solutions require two cameras in order to operate. Ava Security needs just one, while delivering enhanced situational awareness and insights with great accuracy. The solution is also compatible with license plates in all geographies.

Ava Aware LPR serves customers that require vehicle monitoring in car parks, garages, drive-throughs, campuses, and other locations with gated entries. With automatic rules-based alerts, intuitive setup and user interface, and ease of scalability, the LPR solution from Ava increases visibility, parking compliance, and enables personnel to perform more meaningful tasks.

The solution will allow organisations to identify who is using a car park, check plates against pre-existing lists of license numbers, and automatically enable or prevent access to parking areas. Users will also be able to create customised rules, for example, a former employee’s license plate can be added to a list to check whether they make an unauthorised entry, or watchlists can be imported to look for offenders. The solution also enables security officers to search for specific vehicles that have been seen before or to confirm that they are on-site. Additionally, users can perform powerful and effective similarity searching based on license plate data.

"We are pleased to have made the addition of LPR to the Ava Aware suite of video monitoring tools. Whether they use Ava cameras or are updating their existing video security systems, organisations will be able to further enhance the security of outdoor property with our intelligent capabilities and create bespoke rules to meet their specific security requirements. One of the main barriers to the uptake of LPR to date has been the cost of implementation and the necessity to use two cameras or specialised devices to do so. Our cloud-based software helps companies make the most of their investment with the ability to integrate with existing cameras or require just one camera to get the job done." Sam Lancia, Head of Video Engineering & Co-Founder at Ava Security

Ava Aware is a powerful cloud-based AI video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities. Suitable for both large, distributed enterprise installations and small deployments, Aware analyses all the video feeds from Ava and third-party cameras all the time and in real-time. It identifies objects and events, sending instant alarms based on rules and unusual activity detection. The LPR solution can be enabled in Ava Aware through additional licensing.


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