AMG enhances transmission portfolio with GPRS

London, UK

AMG have released a set of radio and GPRS products to enhance their existing transmission product range.
Alan Hayes, founder and MD of AMG group, comments, “I am absolutely delighted that we are now incorporating these very attractive product ranges which fall in line with our strategy to widen our market reach and product offering in the transmission space."

The new AMG ranges are made up of, firstly, the AMG RM6000 Series. GPRS modems /routers, suitable for applications such as general automation, VMS signs, bus information, tank monitoring, wind farms, sewage & water monitoring, telemetry & traffic information, and more.

Then there is the AMG RM9600 Series. A set of radio modems, suitable for applications such as alarm systems, data acquisition, remote metering, remote control systems, warehousing/dispatch, SCADA.

The AMG Videowave 5800 Series are analogue video wireless modems supporting up to 7 video and 64 telemetry, alarm and audio channels.

“We’re very excited about adding these new product ranges to our manufacturing portfolio. They are a perfect match to our existing transmission ranges and they expand the markets and applications for AMG’s technology. It goes without saying that the new products will be subject to our usual vigorous quality testing and quality assurance. As always, we will deliver plug ‘n play and ease of installation, with our renowned technical support team already fully trained and available for further information.”

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