Alcatraz AI to debut Rock X at ISC West

Cupertino, Ca (USA)

Image courtesy of Alcatraz A

Alcatraz AI, a global leader in frictionless access control solutions, will use ISC West, coming up in Las Vegas, to debut of the revolutionary exterior Rock X.

With the Rock X the company aims to set a new standard in outdoor access control, featuring frictionless and secure facial authentication technology for a wide range of applications.

Rock X introduces a new era of security for exterior locations using the power of AI and technical innovation to address the unique challenges posed by exterior environments. With its robust features and promising unparalleled performance, Alcatraz AI’s Rock X offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard exterior entrances, ensuring enhanced security and peace of mind for businesses and organisations worldwide.

“The introduction of the exterior Rock X marks a paradigm shift in outdoor access control," said Tina D'Agostin, CEO at Alcatraz AI. "In the past, facial biometrics have encountered significant obstacles when operating in outdoor settings. Yet, Alcatraz has successfully overcome these challenges with Rock X, making facial authentication universal. Whether facing bright sunlight or navigating through dimly lit environments, Rock X ensures that only authorised individuals gain entry using their face as their credential. With this groundbreaking technology, we're not just setting a new standard; we're reshaping the future of access control."

Some of the key features of Rock X include:

Enhanced performance and adaptability

The Rock X is designed to excel in any lighting conditions. Rock X authenticates users in any lighting condition, from complete darkness to intense sunlight, with a range of 0 to 120k lux, providing reliable access control around the clock.

Extreme temperature tolerance

With a temperature range of -40°C to 66°C (-40°F to 150°F), Rock X is built to withstand the harshest climates, ensuring consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Durability and security

Complete with waterproof and dustproof protection (IP66), Rock X remains fully operational even in challenging and harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, or power washer), providing reliability and functionality.

Vandal-resistant design (IK08)

Rock X's IK08 rating allows it to withstand physical impact, providing robust security and extreme durability.

Advanced functionality and integration

  • IP Intercom (SIP) functionality with a microphone and speaker: Rock X seamlessly integrates with digital intercom systems or PBX supporting SIP, facilitating convenient two-way communication alongside access control.
  • ONVIF camera compatibility: Adheres to the industry-standard ONVIF camera protocol, allowing seamless integration and interoperability with various systems.
  • Ease of integration with access control systems
  • Wiegand and OSDP compatibility: Supports Wiegand and OSDP protocols, enabling simple integration with any access control system (ACS) and facilitating connectivity and interoperability with existing security infrastructure.
  • Optional multi-component architecture for enhanced security
  • Secure data storage: The optional expansion module can be combined with Rock X for secure data storage on the secure side of the door, enhancing data protection and network security and ensuring the highest level of data privacy.


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