Alcatraz AI launches the Rock M embedded OEM module

Cupertino, Ca (USA)

Alcatraz AI is releasing the Rock embedded module, Rock M, a groundbreaking facial authentication OEM solution designed for extreme reliability, improved throughput, and security using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology with advanced features. The module offers unmatched accuracy and enhanced performance for a wide range of applications, where dependable facial authentication was not possible before.

With Rock M, Alcatraz AI brings to the market a secure facial authentication module that leverages revolutionary hardware, powerful software, and algorithms cultivated through meticulous research and development. By incorporating pioneering patented technologies, Alcatraz AI ensures a level of performance and reliability that offers to surpass industry standards. Built with a next-generation AI GPU/NPU, the Rock M harnesses the power of its Quad-core ARM Cortex A76 and A55 processors, providing a generational leap in processing capabilities. Combined with leading-edge optics, the module provides unparalleled operation in diverse lighting conditions and environments, offering simplified deployment and versatility. The Rock M excels in any scenario, reliably authenticating at 0-120k lux (total darkness to the brightest possible sunlight outdoors) with temperature range of -40°C to 66°C (-40°F to 150°F), guaranteeing high performance even in extreme weather conditions.

Setting new standards in facial authentication, the Rock M boasts an extended range of up to two meters (6.5 feet), employing both 2D and 3D sensors to enable liveness detection and effectively counter spoofing attempts at PAD Level 2, even under the most challenging lighting conditions. This groundbreaking solution allows OEMs to easily add facial authentication to their products. Its applications span various industries, including access control devices, time and attendance terminals, smart customer management kiosks, data centers, ATMs, vending machines, door locks, automotive systems, ticketing stations and IoT environments.

Organisations can integrate the Rock M into their devices to:

  • Enhance speed and efficiency - Facial authentication technology ensures faster throughput or authentication, working seamlessly in all environments. It is designed to eliminate issues that cause false rejections by consistently capturing high-quality facial images even in challenging conditions such as low light, variations in facial appearance, and aging.
  • Ensure accurate identification - Offering reliable 1:1 and 1:N matching capabilities, organisations can be confident that only legitimate users will be authenticated. Alcatraz AI’s advanced facial authentication technology promises precise matching accuracy, minimizing the risk of false positives or false negatives.
  • Optimise space utilisation -The Rock M features a compact design perfectly suited for space-constrained applications. By integrating facial authentication into their devices, organisations can reduce their physical footprint while maintaining robust authentication capabilities.

"We are excited to introduce the Rock M as a game-changing innovation in face authentication technology," said Tina D’Agostin, CEO at Alcatraz AI. "Our mission is to empower businesses to create highly advanced, contactless, and secure solutions. The Rock M not only delivers exceptional performance but also reinforces our commitment to accelerating the adoption of state-of-the-art AI biometric solutions.”


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