AC2000 SE V6.2 for increased integration with many leading systems

Belfast, UK

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced the release of AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) system v6.2. The latest software version offers increased integration with leading video and perimeter systems and is now also available in German, Polish and Arabic language options.
In addition to support for American Dynamics Intellex DVRs, AC2000 SE v6.2 offers increased DVR/NVR integration and can now support full two-way integration with Bosch and Synectics video products. The integration provides powerful features such as live camera call-up with a 16 way virtual matrix. This allows seamless and fully integrated access control and video monitoring. The integration also enables the playback of recorded alarm footage within the AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) monitoring application, where live alarm video pop-ups can be displayed.

AC2000 version 6.2 also supports a two-way integration with Future Fibre Technologies CAMS perimeter system (FFT CAMS) using the AC2000 FFT CAMS module. The integration provides a seamless perimeter intrusion interface allowing for notification, monitoring, acknowledging and cancelling of perimeter alarms. AC2000 FFT CAMS allows alarms from the FFT CAMS system to be incorporated into AC2000 and can be associated with video to enable all alarms, events and video footage to be displayed centrally on the AC2000 AED application for user convenience.

“The level of integration available in the CEM AC2000 SE system means that now, more than ever, AC2000 SE can take the form of the central building security management system” said Andrew Fulton, Business Development Manager, CEM Systems. “With CEM solutions installed in over 42 countries around the world, the increased language support for German, Arabic and Polish will also be of great benefit to our customers” continued Fulton.

In addition to increased integration and language support, AC2000 SE ve 6.2 offers a range of other features and improvements, including SMS text messaging. In addition to sending an email when an alarm occurs, AC2000 SE can now send an SMS text message of alarms notifications to a mobile phone.

There is also a new web-based backup and restore feature, which enables AC2000 users to back up the system via a web interface for flexibility. Users can also view a backup of history and can backup/restore using removable media. The news version also includes a maintenance contract expiry reminder, to ensure that the system maintenance does not expire without notification and guarantees system support.

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