The pioneering CCHDTV transmission technology

Taipei, Taiwan

CCHDTV technology is thought to be a world first technique to carry video signals from multiple channels and transmit them concurrently.

Today’s video surveillance systems offer an image quality far better than that of just a few years ago. This leads to increasing demands on bandwidth and storage resources.  Now, ITE Tech Inc has launched its CCHDTV concept, designed as the world’s first solution where video signals from multiple channels can be carried and concurrently transmitted through safe and reliable broadcast techniques.

Whilst the whole world seeks smarter protection and a better environment, high-definition (HD) image quality has become the “must have” necessity in all spheres of video surveillance and evidence footage. “Fulfilling this requirement generates huge volumes of image pixels continuously, for transmission and storage, thus creating demand for a very broad bandwidth and tremendous memory space resources,” states H.Y. Lin, President of ITE Tech.-- a professional IC design house, established in 1996, and that has also developed the advanced Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) and highly integrated technology of system software/hardware.

If we add to the equation the advents of UHDTV and 4K technology— already established broadcast standards, the global video surveillance industry is now being well and truly inducted into the arena of “Big Data” manufacturing. How to record and store 4K resolution images will be one of the major hurdles for manufacturers and solution providers to overcome; and that is in addition to dealing with the enormous volume of video signal transmission. Recognising these trends and issues in advance, ITE Tech Inc. (Taiwan) recently launched its CCHDTV technology. 

CCHDTV technology is thought to be a world first technique to carry video signals from multiple channels and transmit them concurrently, whilst typical IP systems on the market are transmitting video signals in sequence (refer to the picture).  Stanley Wang, VP of ITE Tech Inc. and the Head of the CCHDTV Alliance, has received a lot of interest from companies all over the world for their concept. And he is not surprised. “It’s fairly clear that the   CCHDTV solutions perform with higher efficiency and at a quicker response rate in comparison with the other market options.”

Multi-channel video signal transmission is the specification of CCHDTV, developed by ITE and it utilises the frequency division multiplexing techniques based on DTV broadcasting transmission techniques, which are compliant with EN300 744 DVB-T modulation and demodulation standards used worldwide by digital television broadcasters. 

CCHDTV transmission is capable of efficiently carrying single and/or multiple 1080p @60fps digital video signals over a single 5C2V/RG6 coaxial cable for a distance of up to 1000 metres. During a live field test conducted by ITE and at the sites of its allied partners, the results showed no interference problems in HD video transmission (even up to 4K resolution) and no signal amplifier or booster was required within the above specified distance.

The full story about CCHDTV technology is revealed in the current issue of Detektor International 02/2015 magazine.  Further, ITE together with the CCHDTV Alliance will support its allied partner companies in showcasing the latest DTV solutions on a dedicated stand at Ifsec International 2015 on June 16-18 in London, UK. Concurrently, ITE Tech will be inviting more surveillance industrial manufacturers and vendors to visit and join the CCHDTV Alliance.


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