3DX-ray present lightweight scanners at Olympia

London, UK

3DX-ray have been showing the company's Threatscan-LS1 and LS3 battery powered, x-ray scanning systems, which are powerful, lightweight and incredibly thin at Security Expo 2019 in London at Olympia earlier this week..

Threatscan allows bomb technicians to perform rapid and accurate threat assessment in a wide range of operational scenarios. Each system consists of a portable X-ray generator, a detection panel and an operator’s workstation running the company’s image processing software, together with a customer-specific range of ancillary equipment.

Threatscan is lightweight, incredibly thin, and has a large imaging area of 600 x 460mm, enabling bags and packages to be scanned in one scan. This system can penetrate up to 34mm steel at 120kV while producing high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images.

Threatscan can be used to inspect suspect bags and packages in mass transit areas, such as rail and bus stations, shopping malls, airports, stadia, and sports arenas as well as, general security inspection by first responders such as police, military and private and government security agencies.

3DX-Ray was also showing its Axis 53 small package conveyor x-ray system, the smallest in the company's range of conveyor systems, aimed to be used in confined spaces where space is a premium but where a quality image and speed of process are still vital.


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