12x optical zoom camera

Surrey, UK

The SCO-2120R, Samsung's new 12x optical zoom day/night camera, has built-in IR LEDs which will illuminate an area of up to 70 metres ensuring that clear images of far away objects can be captured regardless of the lighting conditions.

The 32 LEDs incorporated into the SCO-2120R camera are split into two separate rings, each angled differently to allow both wide and narrow angled views to be lit, whilst adaptive illumination automatically corrects the level of illumination based on the distance to the subject to ensure well balanced images of unsurpassed detail.

The SCO-2120R, which is a true day/night camera with a removable infrared cut filter, is weatherproof to IP66 and is fitted with a twin glass front to prevent any internal reflection caused by water or dust on the front of the camera.

Competitively priced, the SCO-2120R has a long list of built-in features which include eight motion detection zones and twelve privacy masking zones, whilst coaxial control compatibility allows the fourteen language on-screen display menu to be accessed from the comfort of the control room and set-up of the cameras zoom function, which can be set-up to automatically zoom in and out again at specified times of the day, and/or set to zoom in on motion detection.

Samsung's W-V DSP chipset ensures that the SCO-2120R can deliver very high quality colour images at 600 TV lines and superb quality 700 TV lines monochrome images in low light conditions.

Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNRIII) technology equips the SCO-2120R to eliminate image noise in low-light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring and with the additional benefit of up to a 70% reduction in bandwidth requirements or video storage space, compared to standard cameras.

Other key features include Highlight Compensation technology which identifies and neutralises excessively bright areas in an image, enabling an operator to view previously hidden details. The SCO-2120R also benefits from Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR) which automatically lightens the dark areas within a scene whilst maintaining the brighter areas at the same level. This ensures that the dark areas become more visible allowing the operator to 'view' objects in the shadows.

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