VMS solution accelerates incident response in city surveillance project

Ontario, Canada

The City of Raisio in southwestern Finland is protecting city property, accelerating incident response, and ensuring the safety and security of residents via a March Networks video management system.
According to the compant security and IT staff selected the solution – which includes the VMS software, March Networks high-definition IP cameras and edge encoders – because of its strong centralised management capability, high-quality video, and the ability to store archived video in a virtualised environment.

“We are very impressed with the March Networks solution,” said Reijo Vasama, Supervisor of Building Technology, City of Raisio. “In the past, if a crime or other incident occurred on city property, we had to dispatch staff to the site to retrieve the video. Now we can access live or recorded video remotely from our central operations centre, which means we can verify what’s happening at any networked location immediately and search through recorded video in minutes, rather than hours or days. The solution is much more efficient than our previous surveillance system, and can be expanded easily across our facilities as needed.”

The city is using the solution to monitor a library, hospital, recreational facilities and schools. Megapx Nanodome and HD Minidome security cameras are strategically placed to capture detailed, high-definition images, while March Networks Edge 4 encoders allow Raisio to continue using existing analog cameras in some locations. As older video recorders are replaced, the city is moving to a virtual video storage model for added flexibility and redundancy.

A second VMS deployment is also being planned for Naantali, a city of 20,000 people located 10 kilometers west of Raisio. The two cities share an IT department and are linked by a one gigabit fibre connection, which makes a common video surveillance infrastructure even more cost- and time-efficient.

“Our IP video solutions deliver the scalability and flexibility organisations need to effectively manage their surveillance systems, whether deployed on off-the-shelf servers, our industry-leading recording platforms or as a software-only solution in a virtualised environment,” said Net Payne, Chief Marketing Officer, March Networks. “The result is more efficient security operations and faster investigation capabilities – two key attributes we continue to enhance for customers with our Command video management platform.”

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