Vivotek provides comprehensive security at manufacturing plant

Taipei, Taiwan

In its efforts to expand into vertical markets, Delta Electronics commissioned global leading IP surveillance provider, Vivotek, to create a comprehensive smart IP surveillance solution for its new Chungli Plant in Taiwan.

Using a series of network cameras centrally managed by an online image management system and processed using AI-based image analysis software, the solution can issue instantaneous in-plant alerts while providing images of targeted areas in real-time, allowing for rapid response and ensuring an ideal work environment. Vivotek's smart IP surveillance solution not only helps create a safer workplace but also dramatically enhances operation efficiency. Its real-time visualisation of the target scope demonstrates Vivotek's ability in soft and hard power integration.

Alleviating pain points

To alleviate inter-building, inter-floor, and inter-site surveillance pain points, Vivotek designed a custom smart IP surveillance solution for Chungli Plant targeting six major areas: production line, logistics area, storage area, exterior wall, access points, and management centre. The network cameras are centrally managed by an image management system, allowing for instant alerts in various situations, including fires, equipment abnormalities, items left on the operating floor, intrusion, and perimeter breach. The solution can also be linked to access control systems or other systems to fortify plant security, achieve LPR, or effectively manage traffic access and schedules. Footage can then be relayed back to the management center to identify and manage key data for decision-making or improving operational efficiency.

Synergy through integration

Over 150 Vivotek smart IP surveillance cameras were installed in Chungli Plant. Of which, roughly 100 were FD8166A-N indoor dome cameras, and over 50 were IB9367-H, IB9367-HT, and IB9367-EHT-v2 bullet cameras and IB9387-LPR cameras. Moreover, the Vast 2 IP video management platform was adopted to integrate Vivotek's LPR Solution, Cybersecurity Management Solution, Smart VCA, and Smart Search, thereby achieving full digital transmission and system integration and bringing synergy to plant management.

Vivotek - Delta collaboration

Since joining Delta, Vivotek has collaborated closely with its building automation business group. Delta is committed to providing complete smart building solutions, while Vivotek focuses on it target of pushing the boundaries of security and applying AI, edge computing, and IoT technologies to IP surveillance equipment to achieve real-time streaming of digital data, merge physical buildings and virtual spaces, and create a mutually-beneficial smart building ecosystem.

Delta's Chungli Plant, which was completed last year, is a testament to the successful integration of Delta's smart building framework and Vivotek's security solutions. Delta's BIM-based IBMS, winner of the 2021 Autodesk BIM+ Innovative Application Award, links Vivotek's security solutions to building electromechanical, air-conditioning, and lighting systems to greatly enhance smart monitoring and operation/maintenance efficiency.


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