Vivotek recognised as rising Taiwan global brand

Taipei, Taiwan

Alex Liao, President of Vivotek

Global leading IP surveillance provider, Vivotek has been recognised as an emerging Taiwan global brand for the second year in a row for excellence in R&D, design, manufacturing, market response, and localised services. 

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, has recently released the 2021 Best Taiwan Global Brands Survey, highlighting Vivotek as an emerging Taiwan global brand among over one thousand enterprises. This year, Vivotek won awards for financial performance, brand impact, and brand strength for the second consecutive year.

"It is our greatest honour to be nominated for the Best Taiwan Global Brand Award again this year. It is a stamp of approval for the hard work and long hours put in by everyone at the company. With deep roots in Taiwan, Vivotek has accumulated 21 years of industrial experience. By consolidating our R&D, design, and manufacturing strengths, we continue to upgrade core hardware and software and automation protocols in preparation for AIoT. This award symbolises recognition by our global partners and the resilience of the Vivotek brand. It is also a testament to our commitment to observing market needs and adjusting our operating strategies in real-time. In the future, Vivotek will continue to lead the industry and push the envelope of what is possible in IP surveillance.” stated Alex Liao, President of Vivotek.

Vivotek defies current global unrest by flexibly adjusting its operations and actively connecting with the global market. Instead of physical events, the company has organised over 100 online courses and conferences to help its global partners hone their specialties. Vivotek has also established strategic partnerships with several multinational brands, such as Soyal, Chiyu Technology, and Cyberlink, to co-develop diversified IP surveillance solutions. The pandemic has not stopped clients around the world from adopting Vivotek solutions. Recent projects include the incorporation of an IP surveillance network across several gas stations in South Africa, to protect the safety of workers and consumers; the security system upgrade of a popular boutique and jewellery brand in Mexico to enhance the safety of the shopping environment; and the installation of a smart IP surveillance system in the new MRT line in Bangkok to improve passenger safety. Furthermore, Vivotek organised a donation event amid the mask shortage crisis in 2020. Thousands of Taiwan-made face masks were donated to domestic and international employees and clients to protect them from the pandemic.

Vivotek is ranked Taiwan's top IP surveillance company. It focuses on innovative R&D and industrial transformation, investing over 10% of its annual revenue into R&D in the last three years. Since its establishment, the company has expanded the Vivotek brand and its OEM operations to 100 countries and partnered with 180 authorised distributors worldwide. It has grown to a company of 1,100 employees with branches and offices in the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, India, and Mexico. Vivotek partnered with Delta Electronics in 2017 and became a founding member of the Open Security and Safety Alliance the next year to promote an open industry ecosystem and drive video surveillance development. 


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