Vivotek ranked in top 20 for 9th consecutive year

Taipei, Taiwan

Each year the top fifty companies in the entire security industry are ranked by publishers A&S - the companies are placed in order according to highest worldwide product sales revenues. The ranking aims to demonstrate the dynamics of the security industry throughout diverse market variables. The Vivotek brand has been named amongst the top 20 in the latest 2021 Security 50 listings.

As an industry leader for over two decades, Vivotek has driven R&D innovation and built a solid technological foundation for the industry. Prestigious nominations are what have driven Vivotek to become one of the world's most trusted IP surveillance solutions providers.

According to the company, the result of the listing was based on 2020 financial statements and endorsed by a certified accounting firm. In addition to this 2021 achievement, Vivotek has been named among the top 20 companies in this listing for the 9th consecutive year.


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