Vivotek hosts sustainability event for a safer environment

In recent times, after having been established for 21 years in Taiwan and becoming a player on the world stage, Vivotek has launched a series of ESG(Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) events to give back to the community. The company has also introduced a “Community Safety Map” featuring games and missions to encourage real-world interaction between Vivotek employees and their communities.

The company's aim is to apply its IP surveillance solutions into neighbourhood watch initiatives to create a safer environment, meet future international initiatives, and achieve sustainable goals.

Alex Liao, President of Vivotek, expressed, “We have independently published sustainability reports in the past five years and promoted various events to build a better and more sustainable future. The global pandemic has led people to become more isolated and indifferent. By raising awareness of various community engagement issues, we hope to extend care to our communities, introduce technologies to improve our communities, and rebuild residents' peace of mind. Our colleagues are encouraged to participate in these adventure games to exert social influence. Next year, we plan to continue the spirit of caring with our ESG initiative, 'Care for Future' while expanding brand influence."

Shiao-Pei Chiang, Chief of Jianhe Village, New Taipei City, asserted, “I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Vivotek for its contributions to community care and sanitation. We've installed the Vivotek camera throughout our village to enhance community safety and maintenance. Since they came online, we've been able to effectively reduce illegal dumping in our community. We hope that more companies will join in community outreach events in the future to build better environments for businesses and residents alike.”

Many social issues have surfaced as the population structure in Taiwan continues to change. To raise social awareness, Vivotek assembled a team of volunteers led by President Liao to enter the community and complete a mission of finding a missing person. Through the gameplay, Vivotek volunteers closely examine new immigrants, aged communities, and other social issues. The game transforms boring public issues into interesting tasks which volunteers can complete with the guidance of NPCs.

Vivotek also launched a rebrand plan in June this year, introducing a new brand catalyst - concern for others' care. The plan consists of a Community Safety Map that Vivotek employees can follow to identify medium and high-risk areas in their communities, exercise corporate culture, and propose tangible solutions to social issues. While protecting local communities, Vivotek also strives to fulfill UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations) to contribute to industry, innovation and infrastructure and sustainable cities and communities.


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