Vimpex urges firms to secure against flood damage

London, UK

According to Vimpex, insurance statistics reveal that the most likely cause of claims in commercial buildings, retail premises, hotels and apartment blocks is water damage. UK insurers confirm that water leakage is now the costliest and most common claim made by commercial customers with a total loss in the UK alone approaching £800 million.

The financial sector is particularly vulnerable to such potential losses with Data Centre outages costing an average of £12,000 per minute, hourly losses on the Stock Exchange around £4.5 million and Credit Card Clearance around £1.8 million. Water leakage damage costs alone can be significant and it is not just the obvious cost of physical damage to IT equipment and the fabric of the building, because even a minor water leak can result in significant business interruption including temporary relocation, increased employment costs and loss of profits.

As one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers and distributors of Life Safety products, Vimpex advises risk management that the efficient way to mitigate the risk of water damage is to continuously monitor for water leaks. Aiming to lead the way in water detection technology is the Vimpex Hydrosense system, which, with its Vimpex Hydro-Cryer voice sounders, comprises one of the most sophisticated configurable water leak detection systems on the market.

Hydrosense systems deliver a new standard in water leak detection says Vimpex, and they are designed to protect areas where water ingress could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks. The system continuously monitors for water leaks around the clock, year in year out, with the facility for 72 hour battery standby in the event of power failure. Vimpex promises that its life safety technology provides the reliability and integrity of BSi approved fire detection systems, meaning there is virtually no risk of failure, downtime and significantly fewer false alarms.


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