Vanderbilt to cease manufacture of video products

Dublin, Eire and Parsippany, NJ (USA)

Vanderbilt has announced that it is changing its video product offering strategy and no longer intends to continue manufacturing its video surveillance portfolio.  Instead, Vanderbilt will be combining its capabilities in access control and intrusion detection with third-party video integrations. According to the company, the phase-out will be carried out over two stages, the first from 31 May 2019, and the second from 30 September 2019.

In the announcement the company says that although video surveillance products provide the route to a complete security solution, it admits that rapid technology advances are making it difficult to deliver leading-edge technologies.

"Essentially, this decision means we will cease manufacturing video products and will no longer carry video solutions branded as Vanderbilt. Instead, we intend to provide open intrusion and access control platforms that can integrate with multiple third-party video partner," explains the company's Product Status Update statement."...we are confident that this evolution to our video strategy is the perfect fit. By evolving to a video partner rather than a video manufacturer, we will be more flexible and agile as a customer-first company given the greater variety of video products that we can provide to match our flagship products."

The company believes that this new strategy will will enable it to focus on manufacturing efforts on its core strengths and engineer better high-performance solutions in access and intrusion, while simultaneously delivering 100% on client video needs by partnering with, what the company considers to be, the best solutions in the field. "We believe this forward-thinking approach will keep us on top of industry trends and bring creativity, efficiency, and competitiveness to our market approach."

Initially, Vanderbilt says it will be partnering with Hikvision, Milestone, and GVD and over time the company will continue to work to expand its video partnerships, providing clients with numerous solutions.


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