Understand how lighting affects surveillance at Ifsec

Birmingham, West Midlands

For the first time this year, Ifsec has dedicated an educational feature area entirely to lighting and camera technology integration - entitled 'How Lighting Affects Surveillance'.
The aim is to demonstrate different real life lighting scenarios – the sort of situations that every CCTV professional will have come across and needs to know about. These scenarios include how cameras perform differently under infrared and white-light LED lighting, how they work in traditional street lighting, and what happens in back lit conditions.

Raytec are the sole lighting partner for the featured area. Camera manufacturers include LG, Merit Lilin, Samsung, and Tyco, as well as Milestone who are providing a VMS platform for the cameras and Pentax who are providing the lenses. The design and installation of the feature area is handled by systems integrator Controlled Ltd.

For anyone with a responsibility for delivering high performance CCTV at night, it should be worth a visit. The new feature area will provide visitors with a chance to catch up with the latest technical advances in lighting and camera technologies, and get some hands-on experience and practical advice.

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