Top U.S bank commits to additional $2M of March Networks technology

Ontario, Canada

March Networks has received orders totaling more than $2 million from a financial institution ranked among the top 15 largest in North America.
The orders extend the bank’s current March Networks installation to more than 1,000 retail banking branches and include hybrid 4000 C Series NVRs and Visual Intelligence software.

The bank continues to deploy the financial solution to ensure the efficient centralised management of its extensive video surveillance network and to more effectively reduce losses from ATM skimming and other fraudulent activity.

“We are pleased to announce new business with this leading financial customer, and look forward to providing the scalable software and business intelligence applications it requires to achieve a significant return on its investment,” said Peter Strom, President and CEO, March Networks.

The financial institution plans to pilot the company’s Searchlight banking analytics software. The applications layer additional fraud detection and investigation capabilities onto the surveillance systems to significantly cut losses from ATM skimming, cash harvesting and other theft. The March Networks Searchlight portfolio includes Financial Transaction Investigation, which synchronises ATM and teller transaction records with high-quality video to streamline case management and investigator performance. It also includes powerful Skimming Detection, Image Tracker and License Plate Tracker applications that enable banks to proactively detect fraudulent activity at ATMs and strengthen case evidence quickly by correlating facial images, transaction information and license plate data.

More than 450 banks and credit unions worldwide currently use March Networks’ Financial Solutions to improve security, fraud investigation and operational efficiency. The company is the #1 provider of banking video surveillance systems in the Americas, according to a recent industry report by IMS Research.

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