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As part of this project, Vivotek has customised a surveillance solution for Delta Thailand’s Net Zero Container Showroom to Achieve the RE100 Target

Delta Thailand has launched Thailand’s first Net Zero Container Showroom in Amata City, Chonburi, featuring solar power generation, battery management, EV charging, lighting management, indoor climate control and surveillance solutions.

The core of the smart showroom is the scalable and modular Delta data centre solution which enables remote access to its security, lighting, environment, and charging systems. As part of this project, Vivotek has customised a surveillance solution for Delta Thailand’s Net Zero Container Showroom to Achieve the RE100 Target; the Vivotek’s state-of-the-art IP surveillance cameras and solutions were featured in the showroom as essential parts of Delta’s Smart Building Management solution.

The Challenge

The concept of Delta’s showroom is to showcase innovative, smart and green solutions with energy efficiency to commit to 100% renewable RE100 initiatives by 2030. A solar rooftop array coupled with a battery system provides the showroom with renewable energy 24/7, while a battery management system (BMS) combined with energy-efficient lighting and variable regulating valve (VRV) air conditioners perpetuate optimal indoor air quality and temperature with minimized power and CO2 emissions. Smart monitoring, access control and building surveillance system are the keys and indispensable to bring such a complex system together as a solution.

The Solution

Vivotek tailored a comprehensive surveillance solution specifically for the showroom, by addressing the most critical part of access with a counting solution, as well as corner-to-corner indoor and outdoor surveillance. Vivotek Vast Face, Facial Recognition solution, featured here as the first successful pilot project in Thailand, takes advantage of FT9361-R Facial Recognition tablet and IE8213-FM Content Management System (CMS). The Facial Recognition tablet is installed at the entrance of the showroom to enhance the security and safety of access control.

The Vast Face, Facial Recognition Solution, is equipped with deep-learning AI that allows facial data storage of over 50,000 users with 99% accuracy of user detection rate, with or without a face mask offered to beat the pandemic-mask challenge. Users can also be arranged into independent groups to create VIP lists, blacklists, and employee groups, essentially eliminating the need for front desk staff and the risk of contact during the pandemic.

Both the entrance and exit points of the showroom are equipped with Vivotek SC8131 Stereo Counting Network cameras armed with Vivotek’s 3D depth technology, providing real-time visitor counting and movement tracking while automatically filtering out non-human objects, with 98% accuracy. Outdoor surveillance needs are fulfilled with Vivotek CC9381-HV 180° panoramic network camera, which features an effective 180° horizontal panoramic view, with built-in 180° IR illuminators up to 15 metres. This allows for comprehensive 24/7 surveillance coverage, no matter the conditions, dark or light, during day or night.

The Vivotek MA9321-EHTV multi-sensor 360° panoramic network camera is armed with a robust IP66 and IK-10 rated outdoor housing to withstand rain and dust as well as protect against tampering, enabling a comprehensive network camera to be integrated with Delta’s smart pole solution. With four independent 5MP CMOS sensors, the powerful yet versatile  A9321-EHTV maximizes surveillance coverage and monitoring flexibility, by providing a full 360° angle-to-angle video surveillance coverage from a single IP address, making it an ideal solution for traffic intersections and the middle of car parks.

Cameras installed outdoors (CC9381-HV and MA9321-EHTV) and at the entrance (FD9360-H), feature Vivotek’s WDR Pro and Superior Night Visibility technologies together to provide effective visibility in high contrast lighting environments. On top of that, these Vivotek camera models offer high video quality with ultra-low bandwidth with Vivotek Smart Stream III technology (as per the video below) and H.265 compression codec. This reduces bandwidth and storage consumption by more than 90% while maintaining high resolution quality video images compared to traditional H.264 streaming.


Vivotek concludes that its solutions effectively enhance the security and safety of smart, green energy net-zero buildings while maintaining innovation and sustainability for smarter and greener businesses. Delta Thailand’s smart and green net zero showroom is an inspiring success story highlighting smart technologies with best practices in efficient energy-saving and zero carbon emission, leading the way to a net zero target for smarter, greener business.


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