Tagmaster partners with Bosch on technical integration

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster has entered into a collaboration with the leading global supplier of security and communication solutions, Bosch Security and Safety Systems. The collaboration includes the integration of Tagmaster's RFID reader XT-5 for identification of vehicles at access with Bosch's monitoring system and global sales of integrated solutions.

XT-5 identifies and manages vehicles that pass an access point into or out of one and the same reader. It is tailored for automatic vehicle identification for various outdoor applications such as parking, entrances and exits of various types, industrial gates, barriers, gated communities and tolls.

The collaboration concerns the integration of the XT-5 with Bosch Security and Safety Systems' safety monitoring systems such as the Building Integration System (BIS) and the Access Management System (AMS). The XT-5 provides the security monitoring systems with information about vehicle passages in real time and can thus, for example, identify whether the vehicle is authorised to pass and automatically react to it.

"The collaboration opens new doors for us as Bosch is a global supplier of security and communication solutions. An effective and secure vehicle access control solution is often overlooked in buildings, industries and other types of facilities. It is something that we can now solve easily as the solution is easy to use with a plug and play function", says Jonas Svensson, CEO Tagmaster.


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