Vivotek recognised for brand evolution and sustainability

Taipei, Taiwan

(Right) Allen Hsieh, Vivotek Spokesperson and Director of Global Marketing Division

Vivotek has recently been listed as one of the Best Taiwan Global Brands by the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan, acknowledging the company's efforts to consistently earn market recognition. The three development engines of operational excellence, comprehensive brand management, and active promotion of sustainable actions, are the factors that have earned the company this award, as having worked to elevate the brand above its competition and to display outstanding brand value.

Best Taiwan Global Brands is organised by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA of Taiwan, and valuation is carried out by Interbrand, a global authority on brand valuation; this year, ESG was also included as key standards of valuation. 

In 2022, Vivotek set a record high in revenue with annual consolidated revenue reaching USD $332 million, achieving a growth rate of 82% compared to the same period in 2021. In addition to displaying operational strengths, Vivotek also advocated several sustainable actions, while also encouraging its employees to practice environmental protection both at work and in daily life, further earning the approval of the organiser.

“Being selected to Taiwan’s Best Global Brands is a recognition of the company’s strengths,” pointed out Allen Hsieh, Vivotek Spokesperson and Director of Global Marketing Division. “Brand power is not just manifested through the technical aspect of products, but also through the CSR aspect. By embedding ESG into our brand’s DNA, we not only adopt sustainable thinking, but also create a differentiated brand image. In the future, Vivotek will continue to empower our brand through ESG, while also constantly promoting smart and green innovations of security and protection technology, steering the brand towards greater value of sustainable development.”

Evolution of a brand

Evolution of the brand is the firm starting point of Vivotek’s brand management. Through redefining identity and the slogan, “We Get The Picture,” Vivotek breaks the limitations of the industry to redefine its brand value, establishing its unique status within the security and protection industry. By grasping the opportunity of technical innovation, Vivotek combines its hardware advantage and software capability to expand its deployment of security and protection solutions, becoming a leading solution provider, while also actively exploring the market of AI security and protection, such as: successfully launching innovative Vortex smart cloud surveillance service that focuses on customer needs and accumulating many successful cases around the world. Recently, Vivotek was ranked number 12 among the A&S Security 50, reaching the highest spot ever, and this is the very manifestation of the brand’s continued improvement of brand competitiveness.

Product carbon footprint project

Vivotek is a leading surveillance brand that strives for sustainability and began deploying ESG strategy many years ago. Key measures include voluntary publication of sustainability report for six consecutive years, participation in the RE100 global corporate renewable energy initiative, and promotion of renewable energy applications. More recently, Vivotek has incorporated the principle of sustainability into its product box design, reutilising packaging of its products to create eco-friendly smartphone holders. This marks the first time the brand’s innovative sustainability principle has been extended through its products. Vivotek also plans to launch a product carbon footprint project in 2024 to facilitate formulation of comprehensive carbon reduction strategy, further strengthening brand development and upgrading sustainable operations.


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