Siqura partners Agent Vi for advanced video content analytics

Gouda, The Netherlands

Siqura single-channel IP video solutions are now capable of advanced video content analysis (VCA)using analytics technology from Agent Vi. Siqura is now able to offer a wide range of real-time detection and post-event video retrieval options, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of its Siqura surveillance solutions.
By incorporating Agent Vi’s intelligent analytics technology, Siqura now provides enhanced surveillance solutions that are enabled with a number of innovative capabilities, including real-time detection of events relating to people, vehicles, and static objects. Additionally, the combined Agent Vi and Siqura solutions make it possible to swiftly and effectively search stored video by event or specified parameters, enabling rapid retrieval of video footage and replacing time-consuming manual review. Agent Vi’s video analytics technology is renowned for its high detection rates with few false alarms, even in complex environments, such as crowded scenes or challenging weather conditions. Moreover, these video analytics solutions eliminate the need for manual calibration since they learn scenes automatically, making setup and installation easy and hassle-free.

Siqura and Agent Vi have created a flexible platform that interweaves intelligent analytics algorithms, edge technology, and the latest transmission methods. Agent Vi’s VCA architecture distributes the video analytics task between the encoding device and a centralised server. Siqura single-channel IP video solutions come with a built-in Agent Vi component that extracts image features from the scene and sends them to the Agent Vi server for further analysis. This distributed processing architecture conserves the available resources and provides the most scalable solution on the market, with a single CPU being able to analyse up to 200 video channels.

Moreover, Agent Vi’s Vi-System Ver. 3.3 SP1 is i-LIDS approved as a primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications. The Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is part of the Scientific Development Branch of the UK Home Office. The goal of i-LIDS is to provide a professional and objective benchmark for the testing of video analytics products in various detection categories.

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