Sicurezza returns with positive results

Milan, Italy

Artificial intelligence, digitalisation, cyber security, sustainability, professionalism: these were some of the drivers at the 2021 edition of Sicurezza and Smart Building Exp, which closed on 24 November with great enthusiasm on the part of the companies and visitors attending the three-day event that brought innovation to the forefront at Fiera Milano.

The organisers recorded big numbers with 20,542 attendees from 69 countries arriving to meet the 380 exhibitors, 20% of whom were foreign, in a climate of great turmoil. But, in addition to those numbers - they were actually even higher, given the possibility for visitors to the contemporary Made expo, who had free access also to Sicurezza and Smart Building Expo - resulting in a high quality exhibition offering and the high profile of the visitors was greatly appreciated.

Innovations to make cities "smart"

There were two main trends on offer at the event, integration, which is now moving beyond the concept of a single product to the benefit of management platforms and complex ecosystems, and digitalisation. These trends are profoundly linked, because digitalisation is the universal language that allows all technologies to respond to the needs of interconnectivity that are today the basis of security and building automation systems.  According to the organisers the solutions are now, in fact, all integrated - from home automation to anti-intrusion and even to fire-fighting systems - so they can be managed remotely via app and the same maintenance can be done online or in the cloud.

Another key feature at the show was the "smart" potential: in the CCTV field, many proposals were presented with onboard artificial intelligence and deep learning systems, which allow complex reading and analysis of collected data that previously required human intervention and a great deal of effort to be carried out automatically and in a short time. The "eye" of the camera is becoming more and more intelligent and can be integrated into solutions tailored to each environment, such as advanced access control systems, which are now essential for managing and monitoring possible crowds or for authorising access to controlled areas.

The same trends are also emerging in the building sector. Networks, software, sensors and IOT platforms now work together to provide each core of the building and the city of which it is part with a thinking brain, which collects data, reads them and optimises them, allowing first of all savings, both at macro (buildings) and micro level (according to some reports smart home systems can save up to 20% on costs).

... and smart homes

The home - thanks to the potential of broadband and new systems - can be managed through a single platform that integrates security, lighting, energy, heating, optimising energy consumption and increasing comfort for the occupants, who now just need a mobile phone or a voice command to activate each function. All this with an attentive eye to design, increasingly refined in the shapes and materials of the components installed on the walls.

And every little part of the city is also becoming smart - because it is connected. In the park, the furniture starts "talking" (the bench becomes interactive, thanks to a solar-powered information panel, and the bin, through a sensor, warns if it is full and urges you to empty it); in the public car park, access control is managed by systems that can identify the authorised user simply by framing the licence plate; in large spaces, video surveillance, thanks to video analysis solutions based on complex algorithms, also becomes a tool for collecting data at the service of law enforcement or public mobility.

Training and debates

In addition to the main show, more than 50 training events held over three days, and according to Fiera Milan, they were particularly well received: associations, organisations and companies focused on the needs of a sector that is renewing itself at a very fast pace.

Special attention was given to the rich programme dedicated to cyber security: in a world of connected solutions, data protection is strategic. It becomes the variant on which the very stability of the business depends, since cyber threats are constantly increasing: in the first half of 2021, serious cyber attacks grew by 24%, according to Clusit.

The certification of professionals - from private security guards to installers - was also at the centre of several debates, in which it emerged that many professions are changing and the evolution requires greater awareness at all levels, but also a formal recognition of qualifications, roles and responsibilities by institutions.


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