Secure Logiq wins sustainability award at Intersec

Dubai, U.A.E and Croydon, UK

Members of the Secure Logiq team were excited to pick up their award

Secure Logiq’s environmental efforts have been recognised with an Intersec Award for Security Sustainability Service of the year. The manufacturer of servers specifically designed for HD surveillance systems won the award for its efforts offsetting the carbon of the electronic security manufacturing sector.

Secure Logiq has taken bold action to become a carbon negative company. The products that it produces, while essential for any enterprise electronic security system, do unfortunately consume a lot of power both in their production and over their lifespan. As a manufacturer that leads the industry by example on sustainability, Secure Logiq decided to join an industry-oriented community at the beginning of 2022 with a short-term view to becoming a carbon neutral business but with a long-term desire to offset the carbon of the products it produces for the lifespan of the product.

To achieve this, Secure Logiq has chosen to join forces with Cloudforests, which provides a verifiable nature-based solution to offset the carbon emissions created by the business. This has led to the British server manufacturer planting the equivalent of 50 tennis courts worth of trees in 2022.

In addition to this, Secure Logiq has also taken steps to enhance its sustainable manufacturing credentials. The first steps have been focused on energy reduction. This has seen the replacement of conventional lighting in its new HQ with low power LED lights. Additionally, all the gas space heaters have been replaced with electric heaters. Importantly, power for the whole building is all generated on site. The roof is covered with solar panels to harvest clean energy all year round and battery storage means the production process and heating can all be powered.

“We couldn't be more proud of this achievement and the recognition of our commitment to sustainability in the industry,” said Secure Logiq’s Robin Hughes. “We want to say a huge thank you to all who have supported us and helped make this hugely important award possible. For example, technology partner Toshiba matched Secure Logiq one for one, doubling the amount of trees we planted in Q4, while members of our sales team have given up some of their commission to add to the forest. This includes all the commission from other Cloudforests cool partners, quite a figure when you consider that over half of Cloudforests partners are electronic security manufacturers, distributors or installers.”

The long-term goal for this is moving from Secure Logiq servers being carbon neutral to entire security systems that are carbon neutral. This would mean not only is Secure Logiq’s business carbon negative, the company will have helped its customers to achieve net zero as well.


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