Secom invest $192M in Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo

Austin, Texas, Bethesda, Maryland

Sadahiro Sato and Dean Drako confirm the primary equity investment of $192 million in Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo.

Secom Co., Ltd, a $15 billion enterprise and one of the largest security integration companies in the world, invests in the two global cloud physical companies, Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo - accelerating the use of AI and improving safety and security.

Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance and Brivo, the global leader of cloud-based access control and smart space technologies, today announced one of the largest investments to date in cloud physical security. Secom Co., Ltd one of the largest security integration companies in the world, according to Forbes Global 2000, has made a primary equity investment of $192 million in the two companies, $100M in Eagle Eye Networks and $92M in Brivo.

“Cloud and AI are the future of physical security”

Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo are independent companies majority owned by Dean Drako. Drako founded Eagle Eye Networks in 2012 and serves as CEO; he acquired a majority stake in Brivo in 2015 and is chairman.

“The Secom investment underscores that cloud and AI are the future of physical security,” said Drako. “Both Eagle Eye and Brivo will use a significant portion of the investment to further develop AI that dramatically improves the security of enterprises and businesses globally. The Eagle Eye and Brivo open platforms provide customers with choice, efficiencies, and innovation, all of which this investment will accelerate.”

As independent, open platform companies, Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo integrate with many third-party technology providers, including the leading property management and Proptech platforms. In addition, Eagle Eye and Brivo provide a fully integrated solution that global businesses use to manage risk, identify threats, and respond. The companies’ joint capabilities deliver real-time AI-enabled video and access control events analysis, optimizing safety and security.

The investment will boost R&D and expansion

Eagle Eye Networks will use the investment for continued development of its AI-based analytics capabilities such as Eagle Eye Smart Video Search, Smart Alarms, and Vehicle Intelligence, and to expand its worldwide operations.

Brivo will use the investment to grow sales and marketing, accelerate product development and scale support and operational functions, and evaluate strategic acquisitions. Brivo will also use the additional investment to continue expanding in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, and enhance the smart spaces and AI functionality in the Brivo Access Platform for its enterprise, multifamily, and commercial real estate customers.

Secom – supplier of security systems since 1966

“Secom has a proud history of innovation going back to Japan’s first online security system for commercial use in 1966,” said Sadahiro Sato, Secom Managing Executive Officer. “We’re committed to delivering services and systems that deliver safety, peace of mind and business efficiency. Our investment in Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo, the market leaders in cloud physical security, is an investment in the mission our three companies share: to provide the best technology possible to keep businesses and communities safe.”

Eagle Eye – a pioneer of cloud-based video surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader in cloud video surveillance, delivering cloud-based video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics The company is based in Austin, Texas with offices in Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Tokyo.

Brivo – a pioneer of cloud-based access control

Brivo, Inc., created the cloud-based access control and smart spaces technology category over 20 years ago. The company’s comprehensive product ecosystem and open API provide businesses with powerful digital tools to increase security automation, elevate employee and tenant experience, and improve the safety of all people and assets in the built environment. Brivo’s building access platform is now the digital foundation for the largest collection of customer facilities in the world, protecting over 450 million square feet across 60 countries.

Secom – a pioneer in Japan's isecurity services industry

Secom is a pioneer in Japan’s security services industry, was established in 1962. Secom Group, strives to create services and systems that deliver safety and peace of mind, as well as make life more comfortable and convenient, whenever and wherever necessary, for anyone and everyone, and in so doing to realize its Social System Industry vision, which describes a framework of distinctive, integrated services and systems.

The Company’s extensive business portfolio currently encompasses security services, fire protection services, medical services, insurance services, geospatial information services, business process outsourcing and information and communications technology (BPO and ICT) services, and other services.

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